• Ali Broyles, DVM
  • Boyd Clement, DVM
  • Michael Fox, DVM
  • Collin Howard, DVM
  • Steve Hurlbert, DVM
  • Tom Hutchins, DVM, DABVP
  • Martin Ivey, DVM
  • Brady Jorth, DVM
  • Clayton McCook, DVM, MS
  • Armando Nieto, DVM
  • Christy Pitts, DVM
Administrative Support Team
  • Kellie Berry
  • Renae Bustamante
  • Betty Marshall
Technician Support Team
  • Andrew Erwin
  • Beth Hart
  • James Mathis
  • Kassie Overstreet
  • Rebbe Schalla
  • Marshall Cashion
  • Freddie Villafranco
  • Molly Bellefeuille, DVM
  • Lauren Binder, DVM
  • Skeet Gibson, DVM
  • Reese Hand, DVM, DACVS
  • Keri King, DVM
  • Kristen Lindsey, DVM
  • Kendell Metcalf, DVM
  • Chris Ray, DVM, MS, DACVS
  • James Simpson, DVM
  • Ty Tipton, DVM
  • Walker Watt, DVM
  • Abra Wright, DVM, MS
  • Reed Zimmer, DVM

Front Desk Support Team
  • Jennifer Schlitz
  • Heather Bark

Technician Support Team
  • Vanessa Adkins, RVT
  • Nellie Ashton
  • Cheryl Bell
  • Tracy Bryant
  • Elisabeth Chapman
  • Jana Cleveland
  • Ashley Constantine
  • Gigi Goudstikker
  • Michelle Holcomb
  • Cierra Kunesh
  • Brady May
  • Hannah Meeks
  • Lisa Meloy, RVT
  • Melissa Murillo
  • Alicia Myers, RVT
  • Jennifer Neal
  • Cheryl Roye, RVT
  • Conny Szebrat
  • Destiny Norris
  • Lisa Jolley

Facility Support Team
  • Kodie Cooper
  • Brie Dow
  • Aleq Garcia
  • Eduardo Lara
  • Hector Lara
  • Santos Lara
  • Tano Lara
  • Victor Reynaga
Meet Our Staff
About Us

Drs. Martin Ivey,  Steve Hurlbert, and Mike Fox were friendly competitors at Trinity Meadows Racetrack when they decided to join forces.  Their partnership became Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery, which in the beginning was simply a supply and billing office in Weatherford, Texas.  Dr. Chris Ray joined the practice in 2000 and became a partner in 2009. The practice eventually grew and more space and staff was needed to support the busy caseload.  They envisioned building an equine veterinary facility geared toward treatment of the equine athlete.  Their vision became our current state of the art equine medicine and surgery facility which opened its doors in September of 2001.
Our goal at ESMS is to be one of the premiere equine medical practices in United States.  We will attain excellence and inspired performance by developing the talents and greatness of our staff.  We are commited to superior client services and conducting ourselves in an ethical, respectful and professional manner. 
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  • Jennifer Grimes, DVM
  • Kory Niswender, DVM, MS, DACT
Support Team
  • Jaonne Dosher, Office Manager
  • Andrew Erwin
  • Nicole Jarrett
  • Kaye Kincaid
  • Heather Murray
  • Jose Retana
  • Danny Dutton, DVM
Support Team
  • Mallory Wilson
  • Cheryl Oliver
Support Team
  • Amy Konczak, MLT, Supervisor
  • Michael Fox, DVM
  • Steve Hurlbert, DVM
  • Martin Ivey, DVM
  • Chris Ray, DVM, MS, DACVS
Chief Executive Officer
  • Kirk Eddleman
Hospital Operations Manager
  • Tera Nance
Accounting Manager
  • Julie Riddle-Lee
Accounting Department
  • Jill Hatcher - Accounts Receivable Manager
  • Michelle Zanetti - Accounting Associate
  • Marla Rhoades - Accounting Associate
  • Wendy Stone - Accounts Receivable Associate
  • Cynthia Alford - Purchasing Agent
Human Resources Manager
Customer Relations and Marketing Manager
Chief Information Systems Technician
Construction Manager
  • Joey Reynolds
Central Management Team